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bouillie-limoges-Curio.jpgAssiette à bouillie, Limoges

I spotted this cutesie vintage baby cereal bowl in Limoges porcelain in the window display of an antiques store while running an errand. The transfers are cute as can be but look at the cork -- I looked at it too for a second wondering what it was doing there until I realized it was there for a functional purpose.

For your baby to eat yummy warm cereals, only a hot bottle would do. The hollow plate can contain hot water and thus be turned into a hot-bottle-cum-hot-plate. Imagine a time when there were no microwave ovens, when perhaps the heating system left to be desired, this smart Limoges bowl would take care of all the slow eaters in the world. Come to think of it, even at a time when there are microwave ovens, this might just be the best solution yet.

I can just hear the traditional rhyme: Une cuillerée pour maman, une cuillerée pour papa, une cuillerée pour ta grande soeur etc...(A spoonful for mommy etc.)


I loved this old inscription from chocolate makers Debauve & Gallais established in 1800 by Sulpice Debauve who was actually a pharmacist to King Louis XVI. It is a throwback to a time when chocolate was considered a medicine: "Debauve et Gallais fabricants de chocolats fins et hygiéniques" translates as "Debauve and Gallais makers of fine and hygienic chocolates." They continue to make a chocolate that contains a medicinal quantity of cacao, 99%, Les pistoles de Marie-Antoinette.

"Utile Dulci" is a quotation from Horatio, lit. to join what is pleasant with what is useful.

This is one of their two boutiques in Paris, located at 30, rue des Saint-Pères, 75007. It is registered as a historical monument.

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